About Us

The Slattery Family has been involved in Ag Contracting since the mid 1950’s, starting with Roger’s father and uncle, Paul and Ray, they made Hay and cultivated land, sometimes breaking in land many miles away from home. Roger’s mother ran the farm, took the phone calls from Clients, organised the hay gangs, and looked after the 5 Slattery Children. Roger took over the business in the early 1980’s.

The business has grown from harvesting conventional hay bales, ploughing and Undersowing to the wide range of services that Slattery Contracting Ltd can offer their clients now and into the future.

Our Company

Roger – Owner, Managing Director, Qualified Agricultural Contractor & ITO Assessor. Roger bought the business from his father and uncle in the early 1980’s after working in the ANZ bank. He has taken the operation from its humble beginnings to what it is today.

Helen – Owner, Director, Office Manager, Qualified Agricultural Contractor (Level 3 National Certificate in Agricultural Contracting and Level 5 Infrastructure works supervision (Rural Contracting)). Helen started full time in the office in the late 1990’s, after working in retail and loves the challenges that contracting brings. It’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle.

Cameron – Operations Manager, Qualified Agricultural Contractor. Cameron joined the team as a seasonal worker in 2011, after serving in the army, doing tours in East-Timor and Afghanistan and assisting in the aftermath of the Christchurch Earthquake. Cameron has worked through the modern apprenticeship scheme to achieve his National Certificate in Agricultural Contracting and enjoys the challenges of Agricultural Contracting.

Taylor - Ag Machinery operator, Qualified Agricultural Contractor. Taylor joined the team as a yard hand in his teens, he has spent time as a seasonal worker, this season he became full time, during the last two winters he has spent time in UK and Europe learning new industry skills.

Allan - Ag Machinery Operator. Joined our team last season with a wealth of skills from other industries, he is enjoying the challenges of Rural Contracting.

As well as several seasonal staff and subcontractors that return to Slattery Contracting Ltd season after season.

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